Wild Gingerbread House

Execution time 3-4 hours / 1 small house / Difficulty Level: 4/5

Wild Gingerbread House
Wild Gingerbread House


For the cookie dough:

220 g oat flour

50 g tapioca starch

2 tbsp cinnamon powder

2 tbsp ginger powder

1/2 tsp Ground cloves

1/3 tsp salt

1 tbsp baking soda

1.5 tbsp ground flax-seed

120 g Tahini with Carob Syrup

280 g Apple and Cinnamon Jam

For the composition:

80 g Cashew butter

80 g Tahini with Carob Syrup

60 g Oat flour

For decoration:




Cashew Butter


Chapter 1.

My lovely sweet and soft dough

  1. Grind the oats until they become flour. Keep aside 80 g and mix the rest with soda and tapioca starch.
  2. Pour the jam into a saucepan together with 120 g tahini, spices and flaxseed.
  3. Transfer to the stove on a very low heat and stir for about 5 – 10 minutes until the mixture liquefies.
  4. Remove from the heat and slowly pour the solid mixture into the liquid and mix at the same time.
  5. Once the dough is formed, transfer it to a parchment paper, wrap it and put it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Chapter 2.

Cutting, sewing and baking!

  1. Preheat the oven to 160°C in the air.
  2. We divide our dough into two equal parts and roll out each separately with a rolling pin to a thickness of about ½ cm. We use a piece of parchment paper underneath and one on top so that it doesn’t stick.
  3. To create the shapes for the house, place each card on the dough that we have opened and cut around the perimeter with a knife. Specifically, we cut:
    1. 2 times the number 1 card, thus creating the front and back of our cookie house,
    2. 2 times the card number 2 for the side walls,
    3. 2 times the card number 3 for the roof,
    4. 3 times the number 4 card to create a 3D entrance,
    5. 1 times the card with the number 5 for the door.
  4. Now it’s the turn of the windows:
    1.  With figure 6 we draw the windows on both walls at the points shown on card 2.
    2. With figure 7 we draw the window at the point shown on card 1, only for the front of the house.  *It is important not to remove the dough from the windows because this will preserve their shape better.
  5. With the remaining dough, carve trees or whatever else we want.
  6. Bake all the shapes in two batches, on a baking sheet with non-stick paper, for 15-20 minutes and let them cool.
  7. Before they cool, carefully remove the windows with a knife, as the process is easier while the cookies are still warm.

Chapter 3.

Time to build!

  1. Prepare the “glue” that will join all the pieces by mixing 60 g from the oat flour that we had left aside with 80 g cashew butter and 80 g tahini. *From now on we will call the “glue”, butter paste.
  2. We “file” each piece very carefully with a fine grater, thus straightening each side. This process helps a lot in joining the pieces.
  3. We glue the door to the front of the house (with the star window).
  4. To properly build our little house, the steps are as follows:
    1. We take the facade and put butter paste with a knife, on the lower part that will rest on the surface we have chosen and also on the right inner part. Glue and secure with a Wild jar.
    2. We continue with the right side wall putting paste on it as well at the bottom and on the right inner side. We glue the left outer side of it, to the inner right part of the facade thus creating a C. We fasten again with a wild jar.
    3. We follow the same procedure with the back and the second side wall. There is a sequence in the way we glue the pieces, we must remember that: inner right side sticks to the outer left side.
  5. Once the foundations are joined and before we put the roof on, we slightly fill the inner corners with butter paste so that there are no gaps.
  6. We apply paste around the peaks and place the two pieces of the roof, holding them for a few seconds until they are fixed.
  7. Fill in the gaps where necessary and refrigerate for at least an hour.

Chapter 4.

Let’s have more fun!

  1. With the paste we have left, we stick walnuts and pecans on our little house in any way we want.
  2. We use tahini or cashew butter to stick coconut on our house, for the snow effect.
  3. We let our imagination run free and create the wildest and most unique cookie house. Put on Christmas carols, fill your glass with tea or red wine and enjoy this moment you share with your most beloved people in the world.

Smell, taste, listen and live every moment!

Watch the recipe in action in a video on instagram!

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