Our Wild Way

Our philosophy is present in every stage of our production.

Our Wild Way
We happily give up a bit of our image and convenience to stay authentic to our Wild Soul.
We’re committed to making meaningful contributions towards a brighter future.
Our Wild Way

Step by step, we're shaping a revolutionary new food culture.

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This is how we do it 🌵

  1. Our products come packaged in either glass or paper.
  2. Crafted from simple paper, our labels are designed for easy recycling. Embrace the charming imperfections that make them uniquely perfect.
  3. With our specialized glue, our jars effortlessly detach without water, increasing their likelihood of becoming a valued part of your collection, serving as versatile cups or ready for hassle-free recycling.
  4. All of the take-away materials we provide are designed to be biodegradable and compostable.
  5. All of the take-away materials we provide are designed to be biodegradable and compostable.
  6. We happily welcome back all of your empty jars at our store.
  7. For every Wild Soul who brings their own reusable bottle, we offer a discount on their drink as a token of appreciation.
  8. Discover the Wild Stone at our store's entrance—it's not just any ordinary tap, but a source of cool, filtered water. Help yourself to a complimentary refill for your bottle, as we don't carry water for sale.
  9. Behold our debut Wild reusable bottle, engineered to stand the test of time by your side. With assured quality, it ensures your beverage stays just the way you like it, maintaining its temperature for hours.
  10. The majority of our products (apart from the honey related ones) are Vegan, thus they have a very low CO2 footprint and are extremely friendly to our Wild planet.

At Wild Souls, we're not just about crafting exceptional seed and nut products

we're also nurturing a fresh mindset, one step at a time.

Picture a world where food nourishes both body and soul, where laughter and positivity flow freely. Plastic-wrapped packages are replaced by meals celebrated for their taste and production process.
Change is on the horizon, and at Wild Souls, we’re leading the charge.
Simplify to amplify—for your health, for mine, for our Earth, and for all its inhabitants. Let’s embrace the wildness of simplicity.


Our Wild Way
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