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Wild Souls

Who we are
The most important thing for us is to give you the opportunity to choose sides
Are you going to be with those who respect, are enchanted by and love everything that lives and breathes in wild nature?
Areti K. Has clearly chosen sides and went on to create Wild Souls.
Today, Wild Souls is a small workshop in Thessaloniki, shelter to the ultimately natural – even wild – sesame seeds, nuts and their derivatives (butters). In Thessaloniki, where everything started, a new Wild experience emerged, based on a new Wild life philosophy.


At Wild Souls we don’t just create amazing seed and nut products

We are slowly creating a new mentality.
We are endeavouring to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Who we are

Our wildness reached the capital: In the heart of Athens resides our concept store.

A gallery of Wild nature’s treasures that highlights both the value of nuts, as well as the incredible taste of simplicity. A gallery that underlines the importance of us choosing the Wild way with our souls. A gallery that exhibits all the attention we always bring to the selection of our wild materials
Areti has always disliked sugar, palm oil, preservatives and all the unnecessary ingredients that adulterate the magical flavour of the Wild simplicity but at the same time has always been obsessed with delicious flavours.
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Our Manifesto

  1. We adore wild nature.
  2. We love every creature that resides in it.
  3. We choose our seeds and nuts very carefully.
  4. There is no secret. There is just the best raw materials, the ideal roasting and the perfect grinding.
  5. F*CK Plastic.
  6. Our permanent goal is Zero Waste.
  7. Whatever we do, we do it with passion.
  8. Whatever we do, we do it for a better World.
  9. Whatever we do, we do it with our Souls.
  10. First chance we get, we eat with our fingers!!! 😉

Concept Store

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