Wild Revolution Tote Bag

Wild Revolution Tote Bag

100% Cotton – 140gsm, digital print

Available colors:

  • Black (Sold Out)
  • Green

Wild Revolution Tote Bag



We are preparing our own plan to save the planet. It is our responsibility to make changes in our daily lives and in our consumer choices. Changes that may seem small, but have a huge impact. This bag was created as a means of relaying our message. So let’s start the wildest revolution together. WE CHANGE HABITS, WE CHANGE OUR WORLD, NOW AND FOREVER!

Wildly Fabulous

The Wild Revolution Tote Bag is the perfect bag:

  1. To come to our physical stores and buy your favorite Wild jars.
  2. To take your notebooks and your books and go for studying.
  3. To take it with you to shopping and fill it with goodies.
  4. For your laptop – yes, it’s that durable – if you want to go to a coffee shop for your weekly tasks.
  5. To put inside your towel and sunscreen and go to the beach for a swim!
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